The firm is a partnership with a distinctive professional service characteristics and unique style of law firms. Existing practicing lawyers and paralegals, such as more than 30.

In line with “the overall, professional, high-quality, high efficiency,” the purpose of the Office of the “professional division of labor, team operation” approach, in real estate, construction, foreign investment, corporate affairs, financial securities, intellectual property and many other laws Service areas accumulated a wealth of experience in practice. At the same time, the securities, foreign investment consulting project agents, industrial and commercial agents and large and medium-sized state capital construction projects bidding agent and other legal services franchise qualification.

While expanding its business in all directions, the firm actively participates in various legislative activities of the People’s Congress and the Government to advise the government on relevant industry legislation.

commercial building in China
The firm has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many law firms in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and many other countries or regions. Through a wide range of international business exchanges and cooperation, the firm can provide customers around the world with high-quality professional legal services.

Our lawyers perennial for the Shanghai Huaying Culture Media Co., Ltd. “First Financial”, “the first real estate” program group as guests presided over, the obligation to …
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· We have been awarded “2007 First Property”
· The firm was awarded the title of “Shanghai Civilized Unit” and the
· Our party branch was named the Huangpu District Bureau of Justice advanced grass-roots party group

Local Business and Real Estate Attorneys

As an international law firm, we are experts in all areas of business and real estate law in all cities and states in multiple countries around the globe. However, we to rely on local law firms from time to time to meet with clients and assess specific situations when we are unable to. Here are some of the areas in which we offer one on one consultations:

Lakewood real estate attorney

Portland business attorney

Los Angeles business lawyer

Chicago real estate lawyer

Local Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury is the term lawyers use for physical or emotional harm to a person. Often, people take third parties to court over personal injuries, saying that the injury was caused by negligence on the part of the other party. For example in traffic accidents, or accidents that occurred at work or in a public place.

Personal injury is a difficult thing, and it can cause distress, lasting damage and loss of earnings. There are many no-win, no-fee lawyers that can help with personal injury claims to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Here are some locations that we work with on a local level:

personal injury lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

personal injury law firm in McAllen Texas

personal injury attorneys in Pasco, Washington