Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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Many people talk about the need for having a real estate lawyer when you buy a house, but they don’t understand that you also need one when you sell. A real estate lawyer can help guide a seller through the home sales process and ensure the sale is completed correctly.

When you decide to sell your house, you should seek advice from a real estate lawyer. If you believe there are any issues surrounding y our property or the deed this is an important step. You don’t want to have issues arise when you have an interested buyer. It’s better to handle these issues up front.

The lawyer can research your deed and property to ensure all your paperwork is complete. If there are any issues they can help you take the steps needed to solve the problem. While some of these issues can be resolved quickly, other problems may take weeks or months to straighten out.

During the sales process, a real estate lawyer can help review your offers. They can read through the terms of the purchase contracts to make sure you’re only agreeing to the things you want. They can also explain the implications of the various terms that may be listed on the seller’s contract.

The real estate lawyer will work with your real estate agent, the buyer’s attorney and you to ensure all the necessary paperwork and financing is in place before the closing date. They will review all the paperwork to ensure the paperwork is correct.

At closing, the lawyer will distribute the funds and exchange the paperwork that transfers ownership of your property. Sure, you can do this without a lawyer, but in each of these steps, there are many things that can go wrong. By hiring an attorney you stand the best chance of things going right.